Rototuna Primary School

Important Messages

School Vision and Values

Our vision describes the capabilities our students need for lifelong learning and for positively contributing to and participating in society.  It provides us with a clear picture of what our students will be like, and it helps us identify the kind of learning to be achieved.  Our vision keeps our school and the efforts of our staff, students and parent community on target.


Our Mission Statement

Providing quality learner centred education


This means we design learning that is tailored to meet the needs of individuals and groups of students, providing the best possible education at their level.  All students have individual targets in literacy and numeracy that they work towards.  Teachers identify a clear purpose or learning intention for all learning experiences, sharing the next learning steps with students so that they are aware of what they need to do to succeed or achieve their goal.


Our Motto

Our motto is ‘Our Best Always – He Rawe Mo Ake Tonu’.  For us this means that there is an expectation that every student will work to the very best of their ability, constantly challenging themselves to improve.

The Rototuna Learner

The Rototuna Learner (below) represents our vision for learners.  This vision guides the direction of teaching and learning at our school.  Rototuna Learners are: Communicators, Self Managers, Team Players, Thinkers, Researchers and Risk Takers.  Rototuna Learner posters are displayed in every classroom and on the front of our newsletters.


During their time at our school students are supported in growing their Rototuna Learner dispositions, leading to independence in becoming life long learners. Many families in our community use the language of the Rototuna Learner in their homes too.


  Our Vision:



Rototuna Thinkers are READY, WILLING and ABLE to...
  • Think about thinking - Be reflective
  • Generate new ideas - Be creative
  • Make informed choices - Be careful
  • Justify - Give back up
  • Look from all sides - Be fair
  • Check reliability - Be cautious
  • Seek Clarity - Be Clear
  • Find Solutions - Be a Problem Solver



Rototuna Communicators are READY, WILLING and ABLE to...

  • 'Crack the Code' - Interpret Language, Symbols & Texts
  • Make Meaning - Explore Language, Symbols & Texts
  • Create New Knowledge - Use Language, Symbols & Texts


Team Player


Rototuna Team Players are READY, WILLING and ABLE to...

  • Learn Together - Be Collaborative
  • Show Empathy - Be Considerate
  • Listen Actively - Be Present


The Rototuna Researcher is based on our belief in the value of exploration.  At Rototuna Primary School we believe that students need to be taught the skills of researching (or inquiry) as well as being exposed to knowledge of and understandings about our world.

Depending on the occasion, different kinds of researching need to be applied at different times. This also means that sometimes, researchers wont always work all the way around the circle, or in fact might back track several times to achieve the result or the learning.

Self Manager

  Rototuna Self Managers are READY, WILLING and ABLE to...
  • Lock Onto Learning - Be Determined/Resilient
  • Use a Range of Strategies - Be Resourceful
  • Think About Learning and Self - Be Reflective/Self-aware
  • Take Responsibility for Self - Be Accountable

Risk Taker

  Rototuna Risk Takers are READY, WILLING and ABLE to...
  • Have A Go - Be Adventurous
  • Take Charge - Be Proactive
  • Reach for Goals - Be Strategic