Rototuna Primary School

Important Messages

R.E.A.P. Rototuna Enrichment After-School Programme

 R.E.A.P is an afterschool enrichment programme for children.  The aim of
R.E.A.P is to offer a range of programmes to develop children as 'global
citizens.'  R.E.A.P offers a range of language programmes; French, Spanish,
Japanese and Korean.  R.E.A.P also offers a range of musical programmes;
Keyboard, Piano, Ukulele and Singing.  Each term the tutors at R.E.A.P put
together a new range of I.T. Technology, Health and P.E and Arts programmes.                      


A new booklet comes out each term with a full range of fun and exciting
classes.  For one week of the holidays we also offer a holiday programme.
Our programmes are open to all children in the Waikato area. 

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