Rototuna Primary School

Important Messages

Reporting to Parents

The report is a key tool of communication between school and home.

At Rototuna Primary School each student has an individual learning pathway report.  This pathway report will be updated at specific intervals during the year and will reflect your child's achievements and progress.  It will also include information about their next learning steps as they move through the school. This is set up as an electronic report which can be downloaded as a PDF and is a printable version. 

This is hosted online. Each parent or caregiver is allocated an account number and password to access the Rototuna Primary School report.  These will be emailed to you or see our friendly office staff to request password information.

The parent portal site allows you to view your child’s learning achievements and goals over the year, as well as your child’s next steps to achieve their goals. The report also contains information about your child’s achievements measured against the National Standards.

The report acknowledges other achievements and responsibilities your child has had throughout the year.

The report is only one way that we communicate about your child’s learning progress.  We value face-to-face parent teacher interviews, which are held twice yearly - usually during Term 2 and Term 4.  These times give a further opportunity for reporting and communicating learning challenges and successes. 


@school Parent Portal Login

The Learning Pathway report is available online for you to view by following these steps:
  • Go to
  • Enter ID: This will be sent to each family in an email.
  • Enter password:  This will be sent to each family in the same email

If your automatic link does not allow you to go directly into your child's report pathway, please type in the access identification number and password manually.


Select this link below to view a help sheet for accessing Learning Pathway Reports


Your child's report will be downloaded to your computer.

The Parent Information Document explains the terms used in the report.

If you require, we can provide access to view your child’s report in the classroom or hub spaces.  Please ask your child’s teacher to arrange to view the report, we are not able to print this for you at school.



Ways to support your child/children with their learning at home:

Here is a link to some helpful learning ideas.